Todays technology, allow us to do things we never thought possible a few years ago. With consistent ongoing inventions - change and development of our IT and AI for the future - people also need to change and start doing and thinking things a bit differently. 

Cost-effective, best-in-class cyber security solutions, must be able to operate and interact securely with existing infrastructure and systems. DevSecOps need to be enhanced to utilize a built-in protection service, such as security-by-design, including new strategies to allow proper security solution & testing for threat to ensure compliance during development.

Optimizing cyber security in real time, provides the ability to integrate and utilize an exceptionell, unvailed and, for most, unprecedented form of protection that is needed for managing new risks and threats, in the new cyber information age.






  Security Project &

  Program  Management

Security project management skills is essential in the all project phases, small as larger, as new technology introduces new risks and threats.

Security PM's with mature security skills provide an organization with an advantage of getting "security-by-design" built in to every project and program..

  Card Data Security for

  Bank & Finance Clients

Assessment and preparation for managing findings from the finance industry clients annual card data security assessment of the Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS 3.2) towards external PCI/DSS compliance covering all locations inside the organizations scope.


Security Architect and

Cloud Security Management

Every organization need a Security Architect  that can provide a holistic view of their own IT infrastructure and systems, knowing what Cloud is used for ones data.

An advantage is to gain a better overview of the Cloud security architectural design and measure progress for the organization.  

  Security Awareness and

  Training Programs 

Information Security Awareness Program is essential for all organizations that want to protect assets and data from within. Best practices of security training encourage critical thinking and help individuals to accept and follow a security policy. A implemented and effective and measurable security training program results in a high ROI.


Security Process &

Framework Optimization

Providing Security Framework for the ISO27001 Certifiction. Consultant with Certified ISO27001 ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS-LI) credentials, can design and tailor a customized program for Information Security Management System (ISMS) for any organization. 

The ISMS must fit the organization and align the cybersecurity strategy of the organizations overall mission and goals.

 Security Management / CSO-as-a-Service

Organizations has different needs and budget funds for a permanent full time CSO/CISO. CSO-as-a-Service that  provide part time security management based on the overall  organizations actual needs.