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Security Conultance Services


March 31, 2019

Project Budget

$ Undisclosed

Project length

24 months

Project Details


The organization is a Global Servce Provider that needed to build their capabilities to serve their clients growing demand for consultancy support on project based delivery.

The organization also had a Global expansion plan where it needed to build a new Cybersecurity service to meet client demands and enable its business and market competiveness through out Europe.

Responsibility included developing and maintaining a business plan for Cybersecurity services; establishing a security team that serves as the team of experts and a delivery team for the organization cross markets and for the hole of Sweden, focusing on Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This with a focus in accordance with the organization's clients’ needs and demands for expertise support. 

For recruitment, the need varied in needed experience and profficiency within the area of Cybersecurity. There where request from all sorts of markets such as manufacturing, retail, health care, finance and banking, telcom, and public sector. The strategy was to aim to recruit a diverse team to fill several needs and from there continue the recruitment and scale up for the future needs. 


Like most organization, there are needs for capabilities to serve their clients growing demand for consultant support on project based delivery. In the years this team was beeing built, there was an established shortcoming of 1.2M roles world wide that could not be filled, simply because the lack of talent & trained skilled resources to hire. 

In this challenging position, the choosen strategy where to use both internal recruitment of resources, mixed with external, to target a diverse mix of Top Talent and Graduates. There was in addition a need to support market sections sales team to enable new engagements, This included responsibility for reviewing and advicing new engagements and business opportunities, of the organisations delivery capabilities and adhered commercial pricing for bid or no bid decisions. 

Target goals and KPI's set upfront was: 

  Year 1:  12FTE  - Sales € 6.0M  

  Year 2:  24FTE  - Sales € 8.0M.

 Security Team Building  

 & Management 

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The Centre of Excellense (CoE) strategy was to build a team of consultant, project leaders, architects, forensic & intelligence, governance, risk & compliance as well as penetration testers/ethical hackers that has fingertip skills and know-how expertise in the cybersecurity area and blend these with newly graduated students. 

It also needed to include data and database security skilled resources that could focus on protection of private data, built in security-by-design, security programs (ISMS), architect solution designs, testings and support for security breach and criminal technical investigations. As final, some resources with legal background to fill a GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance) team.

Beside recruitment, there was a need to build Service Portfolio Marketing material and participate in external seminar, conferences and solution provider exhibitions to promote and build businesses market shares.

The Cybersecurity team capabilities was also utilized for new engagement with responsibility for reviewing requests and bids, supporting with advice on business opportunities, for the group delivery. The team also advised and supported on compliance and Global regulatory demands to our clients. 


Recruitment and formation of a Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CoE) included the following targets: 

Year 1 - target team of 12 FTE - Sales € 6.2M:

- Recruitment of 3 Management Consultants as the base and formation for fostering and mentoring junior team members and future Cybersecurity work force.

- Recruitment of 8 mixed Junior Graduates and experienced Senior Consultants to the team.


Year 2 - target team of 24 FTE - Sales € 7.8M:

- Recruitment of additional 3 Management Consultant.

- Additional 9 mixed Junior and Senior Consultants. 

- Form the group into teams - separating the team in to 6 teams, each with one Managing Consultant as Team Lead mixed with 3-4 Junior and Senior Consultants.

The teams established consited of 24 consultants: 

     - Cybersecurity Advisory Consultant Team 

     - Cybersecurity Architecture Team

     - Cybersecurity Ethical Hacker/Pen-test Team

     - Cybersecurity Project Leader Team

     - Cybersecurity Forensic Investigation Team

     - Cybersecurity Governance, Risk Compliance Team