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Security Transition, IT Services


April 30, 2012

Project Budget


Project length

8 months

Project Details


An organization within manufacturing was planning a security transition project for scoping the future transformation activities needed to incorporate client’s new European environments in to operational mode and migration of data in to a central Nordic Data Centre.

Activities included where a review of all existing security procedures, performing a system security base lining and creating client risk threat identification, assessment and evaluation report. 

The organization also wanted the project to create an actio plan for the coming transformation project that where to enhance the management of security risks and threats. 


Project need to includ a security assessment, both physical onsite and technical, of all in scope environment, of clients both new and existing hard- and software throughout Europe in 5 different countries. Full assessment where to serve as criteria for future planning in Transformation of new environments in to a Nordic data centre. 

ganization needed an

  Security Project and

  Program Management

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The transition phase started with visits to all 5 countries to review and assess the physical and logical security in place. From here a gap-analysis was cerated to understand the changes needed in transformation.

All existing processes and procedures for security management of daily operation was reviewed and included proposals for enhancement to strengthen the security to be aligned with the organizations global policy for managing risks and threats.  

The project then analysed tools in use to see what tools where strategic and which to replace.


Security project deliverables included: 

- Full security assessment report of both physical onsite and technical of in scope environment, of client new and existing hard- and software in place in all 5 countries.

- Plan for future transformation of new environments in to a Nordic data centre.

- Executive report including a security gap-analysis with risk assessment and recommendations for mitigation prior to migration start.

- Project transformation plan including start of the  transformation project to align with client corporate security strategy and policy.